Give a little. Change a lot.

About BDS Social Work

Greeting from the BDS Social Work, a charitable trust registered under the Government of India(S/2L/316), making difference in the life of the people since 2012.

Welcome to our virtual world, a space which helps us to share our work from the remote and rural places to the entire world. We are very much thankful to the technology, that it gave us the opportunity to get connected with various people globally. BDS Social Work is made for server people by collecting food , clothes , blanket for poor and homeless people. And so many social work for our society, to make a better tomorrow.

BDS Social Work purposes injecting hope within people’s heart and to lit up their lives with lamps of Knowledge, Self Respect, Love & Fraternity. BDS Social Work eyes in making difference in the lives of people who are in need. Through our selfless services we try to make them learn & understand how to love their companions and also the hosts. They mostly undergo difficulty in coping up with the simplest things of life; we work to make their life easy. These rural people lack mostly in many aspects of living life, we work with great effort through day & night to make their living better.


Kolkata base Government Registered Social Community group work for people.It start from a social responsibilities, as well as bring back our social responsibilities among us.Awareness program of our role in our society as be a human being.

BDS Social Work Mission

To make a better tomorrow

Message from President

Bhaskar SenguptaIt is with immense pleasure that I write this report as the President of BDS Social Work, a role that I am very honoured to carry out. It is also an opportunity for BDS Social Work to inform people about its achievements and future plans.

BDS Social Work has achieved outstanding results in its short three year life span. It gained registration and has been able to serve children and people on a broader platform.

The main aim of the organisation is to serve the needy children in the state, to provide them with education, health and where this is not possible, rehabilitation. The aim is to encourage them to be independent and full members of society. The organisation is currently in the process of developing a comprehensive programme for children, which will address their needs and hopefully be replicated in other parts of the world.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Executive Committee, the management team and staffs who contributed greatly to the continuous growth and success of BDS Social Work.

I am also grateful to the various regulatory bodies and non-government organizations and local and donors for their support, which has contributed to the success of the organisation.

I sincerely pray to the Almighty God to grace us with His blessings in our continued efforts in achieving success in the future.

Bhaskar Sengupta
Bondhutto Daitto Seva(BDS) Social Work

Message from Secretary

Agnimitra MajumderBDS SOCIAL WORK has completed yet another fruitful year in serving the society and trying to assuage the problems that plague the poor and the downtrodden. India is estimated to have around 3.3 million NGOs and I feel proud to say that we have made a mark among them in working for the Schedule Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes and Minorities who, we feel, have every right to lead a better life like many of us.

My long association with BDS SOCIAL WORK has made me realize that we can bring a lot of changes in the weaker & less privileged section of the society if we make an honest & whole-hearted effort. Sincerity to serve the poor and downtrodden can remove the obstacles that come our way. In this regard, I am grateful to my colleagues, members of staff, volunteers, field workers, social animators and all others concerned who strive relentlessly in our project areas to surmount all odds and pave the way for a social change .It is because of them that BDS SOCIAL WORK is what it is today.

I thank all donors and well wishers for their unconditional help. Let me assure them that every penny that we get as grants and donation is spent on social cause. Each and every individual at BDS SOCIAL WORK ensures that the money is used in the best way possible in terms of the benefit of the poor so that they get to see a better dawn.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the state administration of West Bengal that we work in. The BDOs, Panchayat officials and the district officials are always a call away from extending their helping hand. I am also helpful to the members of the media who always give unbiased coverage to our activities.

We have been working in this field more than 4 years. But this is just the beginning. We have a long way to go. We are learning from our mistakes. So, it is my humble request to you all that apart from giving us kudos for our good deeds, feel free to point out our mistakes and short comings. This will help us in rectifying our mistakes and help us in serving the society in a better way.

Agnimitra Majumder
General Secretary
Bondhutto Daitto Seva(BDS) Social Work