More charity. More better life.

Our journey in social work began while having an informal chat with our facebook friends. We felt that we should unite to do some social work. From there began the journey of BDS Social Work. (‘B’ stands for Bondhutyo-Friendship, ‘D’ for Dayityo-Responsibility and ‘S’ for Seva-Service). Since the commencement of our journey on 15/05/2011 we have been able to do the following :

3rd & 4th Sept’11 :

    We provided flood-relief at Bhootni in Malda. Bhootni is a flood prone area and the people there, mostly marginalized, fall prey to flood. We distributed dry food , clothes and medicines through Bharat Sevashram Sangna, Sahapur, Malda.

31st. Dec’11 :

    We distributed 200 blankets among boys and girls in two homes that shelter orphans and the handicapped. They are run by Malda Bharat Sevashram Sangha.

19th Feb’12 :

    1. We collected old usable clothes from our friends & others & distributed the same among the Santhal villages at Asansuli, 4/5 km. from Bakreshwar, Suri, Birbhum.


    We also distributed pens, pencils , books etc. to child labourers who work in agricultural lands & other places to maintain their family and have no time to go to schools.

6th May’12 :

    We held a Blood Donation Camp for thelasemia patients, at Lions Blood Bank, Waterloo Street Kolkata. 36 people donated blood that can save many precious lives.

15th July’12 :

    We organised a Free Medical Camp at “Voice of World” a school for the blind & orphaned children at Behala. We served approximately 400 students and others, mostly orphans handicapped and/or blind . 10 specialist doctors joined us in this venture.

16th Sept’12 :

    We revisited Asansuli, a Santhal dominated village, about 4/5 k.m. from Bakreshwar, Suri, Birbhum. We organized a friendly football match between Red & Gold Club, Kolkata and a local club comprising tribal villagers, which was aimed at talent hunting for Red & Gold Club. The event was supported by the East Bengal Club, Kolkata. We also distributed clothes and other house hold items among the villagers.

11th Nov’12 :

    We organised a Get-Together on the occasion of Suvo Bijoya with the members of an Old Age Home named NAVANIR, 1/2, Shyam Bose Road, Chetla, Kolkata. Our members and the inmates of the Home participated enthusiastically in a cultural programme. We distributed sweets and had dinner with them.

18th Nov’12 :

    We again organized a Blood Donation Camp for Thelasemia patients at Lions Blood Bank, Waterloo Street, Kolkata. 63 persons donated blood on that day to stand by the unfortunate patients, many of whom belong to the poor strata of the society.

25th Nov’12 :

    We held a Free Diabetic cum Health Checkup Camp with ECG at the local club premises of Sheoraphuli, Dist. Hooghly. 179 patients attended in this camp for treatment.

13th Jan’13 :

    Marson Liquirian, a social worker from Rome , Italy chanced to visit our Facebook Page & Website and contacted our Assistant Secretary and expressed her wish to spend a day as a social worker with us. She sang a wonderful song at NAVANIR, an Old age home in Kolkata.She flew all the way from Italy to be with us in our social work. We salute her as she took the trouble to come from such a distant place to spend a day with us.

10th Feb’13 :

    We again organized a Blood Donation Camp for thelasemia patients at Himachal Sangha Club premises, Siliguri, West Bengal. 63 people donated blood that day.

24th March’13 :

    We collected used clothes, new clothes, utensils, books, exercise books, pens & pencils, rice, dal, etc. from our members and well wishers in Kolkata and Greater Kolkata, for approximately 56 families adopted by a Home called ‘Pratyush’, Kazipara, Barasat. All our collection was handed over to ‘Pratyush’ and the distribution was done in the following week.

31st March’13 :

    Our members distributed clothes, books etc among Each and every inmate of of ‘Pratyush’, Kazipara, Barasat. We also had a lunch with them.

30th June’13 :

    We took our first relief for the Uttarakhand landslide victims to Rudraprayag . We had collected 9 cartoons of medicine and we asked the D.M of Uttarakhand to ensure proper distribution. We handed over dry food and clothes to Mr.Trivedi ji, Secretary, Kedernath-Badrinath Mandir Committee , Rudraprayag . The C.M.O. of Rudraprayag, congratulated us over phone & conveyed to us the message that all our relief materials had been handed over properly to the victims.

27th July’13 : BDS Social Work

    distributed second phase relief for Uttarakhand victims. 11 cartoons of medicine were handed over to Sri Vedanta Maharaj & Swapan Maharaj ,Bharat Sevashram Sangha, Haridwar .10 sacks of rice and 2 sacks of pulses were also handed over to them.

24th Aug’13 :

    In the 3rd phase of Uttarakhand relief, we again handed over 5 cartoons of essential drugs and dry food and 400 good quality blankets to Trivedi ji, Secretary, Kedernath Badrinath Mandir Committee, Uttarakhand. Our members distributed a few blankets among the victims who were provided shelter in a camp organized by them.

22nd Sept’13 :

    1. To detect leprosy and thelasemia,

BDS Social Work

    organized a Health Checkup Camp at Vedanta Vidyashram, Srerampore, Hooghly, West Bengal. Around 750 persons including students, their parents and others attended. 10 specialist doctors, of various fields of medicine including Eye, Skin, Dentistry, Pediatric, Gynecology and General Medicine examined the patients and gave necessary advices. Volunteers from Serampore Eye Bank were also with us in this camp with their “Donate your Eye & Body after Death” forms. More than 25 persons pledged to donate their eyes and bodies after death.

6th Oct’13 :

    We held a Blood Donation Camp at Lions Blood Bank, Esplanade, for Thelasemia patients. 39 people donated blood on that day.

27th Oct ‘13 :

    We organised another Blood Donation Camp at Lions Blood Bank, Esplanade, for Thelasemia patients. 36 donors donated blood to save precious lives.

19th Jan’14 :

    We organised another Blood Donation Camp at Nabapalli Sangha, Sheoraphuly. 69 people donated blood on that occasion.

23rd Jan’14 :

    Tie-Up Pogramme : To help poor but brilliant students who scored above 85% at Madhyamik & H.S. Examination, we tied-up with Seva Mandir/ USA & a programme at Kalamandir, Theatre Road, Kolkata, was organized, with the initiative of Mr. Nilanjan Mitra. 230 students were provided with scholarship to bear expenses of their studies.

2nd March’14 :

    We undertook another clothes-collection drive for ‘Protyush’, Barasat. We also purchased 100 new blankets for ‘Pratyush’.

9th March’14 :

    We went to Pratyush, Barasat and distributed clothes and blankets to the poor people there. We also had a community dinner with them.
    We handed over a Handicapped cycle fitted with Seat Belt, Umbrella & Commode to a person who lost his both leg by train accident.

Work yet to be accomplished


  • We want to distribute 1500 saplings of mango, jamun , guava etc. among our members and well wishers. When the trees bear fruits, the owner of the land will take half of the fruits and the rest will be distributed among the patients in government hospitals.
  • We want to open 2 dialysis units at Hooghly District. We have seen that patients have to take the pains of travelling to Kolkata to get dialysis done. This adds to their woes besides pinching their pockets.
  • We are going to open a branch in New Delhi.